AL Tiny Homes is helping to bring the tiny house movement to Alabama. coast. We collectively hold title and governance regarding Secwepemcul’ecw and the collective consent of the Secwepemc is required for any access to our lands, waters and resources. Follow the Tiny House Warriors on Facebook Follow #tinyhousewarriors on Instagram Check in with the Tiny House Warriors website (in progress) Thank you to the Secwepemc Tiny House Warriors for their labour and their leadership. The artwork is the new album cover for Tiny House Warriors Vol #1  by young Native American artist Jackie Fawn who has made iconic images in support of Indigenous Sovereignty, most notably Standing Rock in North Dakota. Tiny House Warriors say their mission is to stop the 1,150-kilometre Trans Mountain pipeline expansion project from crossing into their nation’s unceded territory. Tiny homes are easier and cheaper to maintain than regular homes. Everything we do we make it fun and we make it creative, and of course we’re battling against a big tyrant. Today the Secwepemc Women’s Warrior Society and the Tiny House Warriors issued a Women’s Declaration Against Kinder Morgan Man Camps. Songs are prayers and those vibrations, the energy in those vibrations that these songs give is our collective universal language that we all understand, music is really powerful in that way. By building these Tiny Houses, we are asserting our collective Secwepemc responsibility and jurisdiction to our lands and waters. We are committed to upholding our collective and spiritual responsibility and jurisdiction to look after the land, the language and the culture of our people. Kanahus Manuel, or Kanahus Freedom, is an indigenous activist, birth keeper, and a member of the activist group Tiny House Warriors.Manuel is a Secwepemc and Ktunaxa mother of four Freedom Babies, children raised in the spirit of decolonization and free from the regulations of the Canadian federal and provincial governments. who has made iconic images in support of Indigenous Sovereignty, most notably Standing Rock in North Dakota. The Tiny House Warrior movement will be the start of re-establishing village sites and asserting our authority over our unceded Territories. A group that calls themselves the Tiny House Warriors have been building environmentally friendly and culturally relevant tiny houses on Secwepemc territory, 50 km east of Kamloops. We need to protect ecological biodiversity for the whole world, not just BC and not just for the Indigenous people. The Tiny House Warriors: Our Land is Home is a part of a mission to stop the Trans Mountain pipeline from crossing unceded Secwepemc Territory. Tiny House Warriors Vol.1 by Tiny House Warriors. The Tiny House Warriors are building something beautiful that models hope, possibility and solutions to the world. Rick Buckman Coe, spearheading the event and album says “The album aims to raise awareness and funds for the Tiny House Warriors’ peaceful mission to stop construction of the proposed Kinder Morgan Trans Mountain Pipeline Expansion with 10 mobile tiny houses.”. The idea is for Tiny House Warriors to eventually reside in the homes, which they'll strategically place along a 321 mile stretch of the pipeline's proposed path. We need creativity to be able to wake people up because sometimes we can be shaking people, shaking people, shaking people and they sing along with the songs and they’re like- I get it.”. It can be easy to dismiss art and music as unimportant in the face of ecological disaster and the urgency of our changing climate. Each home will eventually be installed with off-the-grid solar power. Our lead construction professional has over 20 years in the industry, and can complete any sort of custom tiny home build to meet your needs.. You can simplify your life (and your bills) by moving into a tiny home. We can’t do that- we’re going to use whatever instruments and arsenal we have in our war chest to fight back and be successful! I feel that even connecting with Buckman Coe, and the artists and people he brought together to collaborate to make Tiny House Warrior Volume #1 successful and get out there, I feel that is something very spiritual and very powerful and it’s something that nobody can stop- you can’t say ‘don’t let these people sing.’, And that’s what they did before in the past, they told native people ‘you cannot sing and you cannot dance and you cannot have your ceremonies where you sing and dance and give all your worldly possessions away.’.

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