There are a large variety of volunteer opportunities with Toy Lift. If you are interested in helping, please join our Email List


  • Advisory Meetings:
    All those interested in helping with planning committees or sponsorship are encouraged to join us @ 6:30/English Inn (all are welcome to learn about sponsorship opportunities or see how you can help with event planning):

October: 23

November: 6, 13 (Taps for Toys), 27

  • Final Preparation Meeting: Tuesday December 4 at 6:30pm – Toy Land
    (any board, advisors, coordinators, or leaders of event areas)


Toy Lift Wed / Thurs, Dec 5th & 6th:

Site set up
Set up equipment, run cords, & place tables to get ready for the big event.Friday, Dec 7th:

Toy LiftGreeters – Greet cars and collect toys from the drive-up lanesCollection Tent – Count, Sort & Box toys to be shipped to the Distribution CenterPhotographer – Take pictures of entertainment and scenes around the event (use own camera and supply us with a disc of photos)Santa – 2 shifts: 9:30 – 3:00 & 3:30 – 8:00; Hang out in Santa’s house and take pictures with kids

Toy Land

Sorters – Unload toys sent from the site and sort out into categories at the warehouse

Book Levelers – Count, level, & sort books for the book area

Wish List Area Worker– Search for wish list items. Organize items by schools

Food runners – Pick up food donations
and bring them to either the Toy Lift or Toy Land

Saturday/Sunday, Dec 8th & 9th:

Toy Land

Checkers – Verify boxes for each family and mark as complete or not

Packers – Build, Seal, & label boxes for each family

Book Maintenance – Assist in locating books for families and fill categories as they run low

Wish List Area Worker – Retrieve items for shoppers and if necessary shop for families

General Guidelines for younger volunteers:Friday at the Lift site – No children under 14.
14-17 yr olds should be supervised 8 per adult.Friday at Distribution Center – children 8 and
up may volunteer. They should be supervised 4
per adult.Saturday at DC – No children under high school age AND they may not fill boxes for a school that is in the same feeder pattern as either the school they attend or the neighborhood they live in.We can sign service record forms for schools or
clubs. Students need to bring the form with